5 Best Ecosmart Tankless Water Heaters Reviewed




Your hunt for a new tankless water heater for your home should include a look at some of the top products from EcoSmart. This company specializes in making products for the home that help you protect the environment and cut down on energy bills all at the same time. The tankless heaters that made our list all have a modern look and impressive features like digital displays on the front of the units.

After looking at reviews, comparing features and checking out sizes, we picked the ECO 36 as the best on the market. This is actually the largest unit that the company makes and has a high flow rating. Flow rating is important for those who need hot h20  in multiple rooms and those who want to spend less time waiting for that hot water, and this unit has a maximum flow rating of more than seven gallons per minute.

With self-modulating technology, you don’t need to worry about constantly keeping an eye on the unit either. It will actually adjust the supply temperature and flow rating as needed without requiring that you make any adjustments. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a smaller design that is up to 90% smaller than any others on the market.

To see if the ECO 36 (Check Price on Amazon.com) really is the best option for your home, learn more about its features. You can then take a look at some of the other top tankless heater from EcoSmart.


How to Choose?

What is its Inlet Temperature Rating?

The inlet temperature rating refers to the temperature that the unit can work with based on the temperature of the supply coming out of the ground. The temperature will vary significantly based on your region as well as the temperature outside. Many of this company’s products will work with an inlet temperature of below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

One reason why this rating is so important is because it applies to the unit’s overall flow rating. For example, the ECO 27 has a maximum flow rating of more than 6.6 gallons of h20 per minute at a 77 degree inlet temperature, but when the ground temperature drops below 40 degrees, its flow rating will drop below three gallons per minute. Other units like the POU 3.5 will provide less than one gallon of hot water each minute at a lower or higher ground temperature.

EcoSmart provides shoppers with a detailed map that shows the temperatures found in different regions of the United States. You can use this map and the chart provided to find out which tankless heater will work well in your home.

How Many Rooms Will it Supply?

If you have a smaller home with just one bathroom and a kitchen, you can select almost any of the models that the company makes, but if you have a larger home with multiple bathrooms, you’ll need one designed for the whole home. ECO tankless heater are generally the top choices for those who need to supply more than one room with hot water. This includes any half bathrooms that your might have that only have a toilet and a small sink with no tub or shower.

EcoSmart makes both point of use and whole home units. A whole home unit like the ECO 36 provides a more steady and constant stream of hot water and can supply two or more rooms with that water simultaneously. You’ll find that two or more people can shower around the same time without running out of supply too.

Point of use tankless heaters are much smaller in size and designed for working with just one application. The POU 3.5 is a great example of a point of use tankless heater. This unit mounts underneath your sink and has connections that supply the sink with hot water, but you cannot use this model to heat h20 in any other area of your home.

Where are the Fittings and Connections?

You should definitely take a look at all the fittings and connections found on each model because not all will work in all homes. If you purchase the wrong one, your installation costs will rise because the installer will need to rearrange your home and install new wiring and products. The installer may need to upgrade your circuit breaker or fuse box too.

Most tankless heaters have fittings on either the top or bottom, but some have fittings on the sides. Looking at those connections helps you see which one will fit in your home and work with your existing systems.

Does it Work with a Remote?

Top Rated Models on the Market

1. ECO 36 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

CO 36 36kw 240V

If you have a larger home or multiple bathrooms, the best option for you is the ECO 36 because it can provide warm and hot water to two or more bathrooms when used in most climates.

This model comes with a lifetime warranty when installed and used in residential homes, and it features a smaller design that is up to 90% smaller that any other model on the market. Components on the inside use both stainless steel and copper for lasting power.

The ECO 36 uses self-modulating technology that allows it to adjust the flow and the temperature of the water based on what your home needs. It works with the h20 supply that comes out of the ground at temperatures of down to 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also features a digital display screen with a large silver button that lets you use Fahrenheit and Celsius settings and gives you the option of adjusting the temperature by a single degree at a time.


Self-modulating technology allows the tankless heater to adjust itself when needed
Features parts made from durable stainless steel and copper
Comes with a lifetime warranty


Works with a remote control but does not come with that control
Will not work well in extremely low temperatures


2. 8 KW Electric (Check Price on Amazon.com)

8 KW Electric

Though this 8 KW option may not be strong enough to supply all rooms with hot h20, it does function well as a point of use tankless heater, which is one designed for using in a single room.

With a flow rating of 1.5 gallons per minute, this is a good choice for a shower or a tub because it gives you the necessary hot water without using too much power. It can actually cut your heating bills by up to 60% in a single month.

Suitable for use in climates with a ground temperature in the high 60s, the 8 KW comes with fittings on either side for fast installation, though you may find that those fittings do not work with your plumbing.

It has a design similar to the ECO 36, including a large silver knob for changing the temperature and a digital screen. That knob also lets you change the temperature by one degree settings.


Uses self-modulating technology to reduce heating bills by up to 60%
Clicking one button moves from Fahrenheit to Celsius
Can supply a shower with 1.5 gallons of perfectly heated h20 per minute


Built-in fittings may not work with your plumbing
Water can come out at an extremely hot temperature before reaching the temperature you set


3. ECO 24 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

ECO 24 24 KW at 240-Volt

Another option for your whole home is the ECO 24, which has a lower flow rating than the 36 but some of the same features like a knob for changing the temperatures up and down by one degree and a display screen that shows that heat.

This screen uses bright blue numbers on a black background to help you see clearly when less light is available. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and has a 99.8% energy efficiency rating.

Capable for use in both colder and warmer climates, the ECO 24 will work with ground temperatures of down to just 37 degrees Fahrenheit, though your flow rating will change based on that temperature.

Most users will get close to three gallons of h20 per minute when using this one, but when the temperature of the water coming in is lower, you may notice the flow dropping. It can supply a steady and almost endless stream of hot water to three or more rooms in your home.


Has a maximum flow rating of almost three full gallons per minute
Can provide hot water to three or more rooms
Energy efficiency rated at 99.8%


Requires multiple breakers and 200 amps to run
Does not work as well with cooler ground temperatures


4. ECO 27 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

ECO 27 Electric

When you need a tankless heater capable of supplying one or two bathrooms and a kitchen with hot h20, you might go with the ECO 27 rather than one of the other ECO tankless heaters.

Though it still comes with all the features that you want as well as a lifetime warranty, this tankless heater is more affordable and designed for use in areas where ground temperatures reach between 37 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even hook it up to an optional remote control that you buy from the manufacturer.

Based on the ground temperature, this model has a maximum flow rating of nearly three gallons at the lowest temperature and more than six gallons at a higher temperature.

It comes with a metal case that mounts right on the wall and protects the internal components and a design that slashes your bills in half.


Takes up less space than tanked units and other tankless products
Reduces heating bills by up to 50% over time
Features strong internal parts made from both copper and stainless steel


Will only work when the ground temperature is at least 37 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit
The temperature may fluctuate rapidly as you use it


5. POU 3.5 (Check Price on Amazon.com)

POU 3.5 Point

This POU 3.5 shows that big things do come in small packages because it is one of the few points of use products designed by EcoSmart for residential use.

This unit is small enough that you can mount it right under your sink and inside your cabinet or in another convenient location to supply hot water to one application or appliance. It will work on its own or with other units that you connect to other areas of your home.

With a maximum flow rating of 0.5 gallons, this is best for use in wet bars, for a kitchen or bathroom sink or a small tub.

It may not supply as much pressure as you need for showering though, but it does come with features like a single power button. The POU 3.5 also has a built-in digital screen that lets you quickly check on and change the supply temperature.


Perfect for wet bars, sinks and other applications
Has one button to turn it on and off, which makes it easy to use
Features a digital screen that provides instant access to the temperature settings


Only supplies hot water to one hook up
Has a maximum flow rating of just 0.5 gallons per minute


Top Picks from EcoSmart

CO 36 36kw 240V

Check Price on Amazon.com

Based on the temperature of your ground water, the ECO 36 tankless heater can provide you with nearly three gallons up to more than seven gallons of h20 per minute.

Your exact flow rating will depend on both the temperature outside as well as the temperature of the supply as it comes through the tankless heater and the maximum temperature that you want or need. This little unit is up to 90% the size of other units on the market but comes loaded with features like a digital display screen.

One feature we think that you’ll like is that the ECO 36 allows you to adjust the temperature by just one degree at a time and to see the heat as it changes on that digital screen.

You can use the silver knob on the unit to change the temperature, and this knob lets you select Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. It works well with ground water temperatures of below 40 degrees Fahrenheit too.