Navien Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Tankless water heaters are an excellent option for homes today because these models let you wash dishes, take showers and use hot water for other needs without standing around and waiting.

Instead of using a tank, many have coils or a similar design that allows the supply to quickly move across a heat source and come up to temperature fast, and you can usually select the temperature that you want to use. This prevents any scalding or boiling coming out of the tap.

One of the top names in this industry is Navien, which makes both propane tankless heater and designs that work with natural gas lines. You need to make sure that the tankless heater you pick will work with the lines that are already in your home.

Our favorite is the NPE-240-A, which comes with a warranty that covers some parts for five years and others for up to 15 years.

Best Navien Options On The Market Today


Navien NPE-240-A

It has a built-in pump that keeps the supply circulating inside the heater and continuously moving across the coils to provide you with instant hot H2o almost as soon as you turn on the tap.

This tankless heater works with two-inch PVC piping and has digital controls on the front for more natural changing of controls and settings.

A Quick Overview Of Terms

I use a few uncommon abbreviations and terms in this article, which I’ll quickly explain here:


British Thermal Unit (per hour), the amount of heat required to heat one pound of water one degree. The higher this number, the hotter your tankless water heater.


Gallons per minute. In this context, how many gallons per minute a tankless water heater can effectively heat without starting to output cold bursts. Bigger is better, once again.


A condensing heater keeps the propane or natural gas more highly compressed, resulting in more efficient heat output that isn’t as affected by the weather. Non-condensing units (the majority) lack this feature and may perform up to 50% less efficiently in cold weather.

Top Choices For Your Money

Navien NPE-240-A


  • Works as-is or with the addition of a separate cover
  • Comes with both a pump and a buffer tank
  • Digital screen is easy to see


  • Is too large for installation in some homes
  • Will cost more to run than smaller models do

Our top choice is easily the NPE-240-A, which gets the highest reviews from customers because it comes with so many great features.

Among those features is a pump that recirculates the supply inside to keep it at a higher temperature and a buffer tank. These elements work together to provide your home and family with an on-demand supply of hot water.

Designed to work with PVC venting of up to 60-feet long, this model is easy to install but does require professional installation to maintain your warranty, which covers most parts for between five and 15 years.

This tankless heater also works with natural gas lines of 0.5 inches that you already have in your home.

A digital screen near the bottom helps you see the temperature you selected as well as all other settings. Conveniently placed buttons nearby help you move between settings, change the temperature and even set a timer to tell it when you will need hot water.

Navien NPE-240S


  • Uses intelligent technology to preheat the H2o before you need it
  • The convertible design works in most homes with natural gas
  • Includes an installation kit


  • Installation kit may not feature all the parts that you need
  • May shut itself off because it thinks you don’t need water

For homes with existing natural gas lines, this is one of the top options because it works with gas lines of standard sizes.

One of its top features is that it uses intelligent technology to quickly preheat water before you need it, which helps the H2o reach the maximum temperature that you set even faster. A built-in buffer tank and recirculating technology allows it to keep moving and helps regulate its temperature.

As a convertible design, the 240S-NG will work in most homes that use natural gas and will let you convert the tankless heater based on your needs. It also comes with an installation kit that makes installation more manageable, but this package may not come with all the parts that you need.

This tankless heater has two heat exchangers inside that regulate the supply and use stainless steel that lasts for years, and you’ll get the same digital display and buttons as found on our top choice.

Navien NPE 240A Premium


  • Energy Star rated to help you save on power usage
  • Low emissions tankless heater meets the standards for usage in all states
  • Has a maximum flow rate of more than 11 gallons per minute


  • Fittings can develop leaks over time
  • Warranty does not cover labor costs

If you love water that comes out at a higher temperature for bathing, you’ll like this 240A model because it has a high-temperature range.

Though the product comes set at a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you can adjust the heat up to a maximum of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, but most users will find that 120 to 140 is the perfect setting.

Adjusting the temperature is easy because of the digital screen and buttons found near the base of the appliance.

The rating from Energy Star found on this tankless heater lets you know that it will work efficiently and without wasting or using a lot of power, which helps keep your energy bills low.

Designed for installation on a wall in your home, this one needs just 120 volts to run. It has a maximum flow rate of more than 11 gallons to provide you with the perfect amount of hot water at a faster pace.

Navien NPE-210A


  • Flow detector monitors the amount of supply that comes out to cut down on waste
  • Intelligent technology preheats before you turn on the tap
  • Works with a standard 0.5-inch gas line


  • Warranty covers only one repair per part
  • Clogs in the front will keep the entire heater from working

Those looking for a tankless heater that performs well but will still fit their budgets will appreciate this model, which costs less but comes with some great features like connections that work with a standard 0.5-inch gas line.

It also uses the same intelligent technology found on more expensive products that will preheat your water before you need it. This feature allows you to turn on the tap and feel hot water coming out in seconds.

As a condensing model, this one is much more efficient than those from other manufacturers and comes with a high Energy Star rating too.

A digital screen shows you the temperature setting and other information, and buttons nearby let you turn on the timer, adjust the temperature and make other changes.

It also comes with a flow detector that monitors and adjusts the supply coming out to reach the maximum flow rate that you need.

Navien NPE-180A


  • Intelligent technology preheats water to keep it at a higher temperature
  • Compact design takes up less space when mounted on a wall
  • A digital screen shows the temperature and other settings in a bright color


  • Only works with a 15,000 BTU output
  • Requires the purchase of a separate vent for outdoor installation

Other models are so large that they might not fit in your smaller home, but the NPE-180A from Navien is small enough to fit in any space, and it mounts right on the wall to save you even more space.

It comes with features you’ll like, including a digital screen and an intelligent preheating system. This system keeps the temperature at a higher degree, which reduces the time it takes for the supply to reach your maximum setting later.

With the digital screen, you’ll have no problems keeping an eye on all your settings because this display uses bright numbers that you can see, even when there is no light available in the room.

This screen works with the buttons on the bottom to effortlessly switch between settings, adjust the timer when you’re on vacation and increase the temperature and flow rate. Its one minor flaw is that it requires a 15,000 BTU output to use.

Our Top Choice

Navien NPE-240-A

Just deciding on a product from Navien tankless water heater isn’t the only thing you need to do because you should also look at ratings and see what other shoppers thought, and the product from this company with the highest reviews is the NPE-240-A, which comes with a pump designed to recirculate the supply inside.

This feature keeps a constant flow of hot water ready for you and lets you spend less time waiting for it to come up to temperature. It will work with two-inch PVC venting and existing gas lines too.

One feature we like about this model is that it comes with a digital screen that shows you the current temperature of the water and the temperature that you selected. Buttons beneath the screen let you change the temperature and access other settings.

Though it does not come with any hood or cover, you can buy a sheet directly from the manufacturer for yours.